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Day of Mourning for Animals in Laboratories

17 May

Primate experiment performed to research psychological stress

Sunday May 29th will be the second annual Day of Mourning for Animals in Laboratories. Each year untold millions of animals suffer and die inside animal research laboratories; numbers are at best a guess as many types of animals used in laboratories are not required to have accurate counts. They undergo painful procedures such as burning, suffocation, intentional gunshot wounds,  drug overdoses, contraction of diseases, starved, implantations, invasive surgeries, and much more, with fatality as a result — or at the end of the experiment, simply killed outright as they’ve outlived their “usefulness.”

As the University of Washington is home to several animal research laboratories both inside the main campus proper and scattered throughout Seattle, the Northwest Animal Rights Network will conduct a walking funeral procession along University Ave and end with a vigil in front of the Health Sciences building, where many animals have died and continue to suffer.

The meeting/staging area will be at the corner of NE Campus Parkway and University Ave, after which the assembled party will walk up and down University Ave, then through campus to a resting point in front of the Health Sciences building where a vigil and memorial will take place. Black/mourning clothes are encouraged.

Please take a couple hours out of your time to join the procession and vigil to honor the deaths of innocent individuals who have never been paid their proper respect.

SUN MAY 29 1:00-3:00pm
Meet at NE Campus Parkway and University Ave
For questions/more info: info [at] narn [dot] org