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PETA Targets UW with Anti-Vivisection Billboards

16 Jun

PETA takes vivisectors to task in a new aggressive ad campaign within Seattle. The ads were in response to the billboards from the Foundation for Biomedical Research that were up around Seattle, among other cities, in April during World Week for Animals in Laboratories.

PETA had intended to have these ads on outdoor billboards within downtown Seattle, but Clear Channel, the company that owns the billboards–and ran the ads in favor of animal experimentation by FBR–rejected them. Instead, the ads will be featured on mobile billboards and on top of gas pumps.

This campaign launched in April during WWAIL in Raleigh-Durham, N.C,  and also targeted other cities such as Boston and Los Angeles, who have prominent research universities that have heavily-funded animal experimentation centers. Seattle was chosen because of the number of animal laboratories within the city, many of them owned and operated by the University of Washington, who is one of the top recipients in the US for government-issued grants for animal experiments; $225 million of public money funded experiments on animals at the UW in 2010 alone.

The following are just three examples of the many experiments that have been conducted in Seattle:

  • Rats who had their skulls cut open and their brains damaged were placed in boxes that shocked their feet in order to cause them to screech and induce fear in other rats who were forced to watch. They were then killed, and their brains were removed.
  • Dogs had holes cut into their chests, had tubes inserted into their arteries, were forced to run on treadmills, and were then killed and dissected.
  • In a sensory deprivation experiment, dozens of newborn monkeys were separated from their mothers, locked up alone in the dark, and forced to wear masks that allowed them to see only a display monitor. Three newborns died during the experiment; the others exhibited irreversible brain damage.

“Experimenters are raking in millions of dollars’ worth of public funds and using the money to cage, cut up, and kill animals,” says PETA Vice President of Laboratory Investigations Kathy Guillermo. “Whatever their stated goals, experiments on animals are about misery, pain, and death, and compassionate people don’t want to support this—financially or in any other way.”

She adds, “We have repeatedly shown that the University of Washington has violated animal protection laws.  With these ads we are simply drawing attention to what is going on.”