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New Photos Inside UW Primate Lab

29 Aug

Primates, cooped up in tiny cages, with few, if any, objects inside to distract them from the long hours of boredom. This is what new photos reveal that were taken inside of a primate research facility operated by the University of Washington. They were obtained by Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN) and passed along to the public. It is rare that the public gets to see inside an animal research laboratory, or even that they exist in their neighborhood (the main facility used for experimentation on primates is an unmarked blue building nestled downtown across from the Seattle Art Museum’s sculpture park).

Their lengthy periods of visible boredom are broken only by painful procedures and operations that they are subjected to on a routine basis. They will never get to experience things that nature intended them to, such as fresh breezes, grass beneath their feet, playing in tree branches, or living with friends and family. Instead they live in what is their prison.