Transgenic Resources Program (TRP)
The TRP, located in the Magnuson Health Sciences Building, has been in operation since 1995. They breed and keep “transgenic and gene-targeted” (ie, bio-engineered and mutated) mice for the use of the University and outside institutions.

Warren Ladiges, DVM
Robert J. Hunter, BS
Facility Manager
Kathy Kafer, BS
ES Cell Injection, Pronuclear Injection
Shoshana Maslan, BS
Pronuclear Injection, ES Cell Injection
Serina Tsang
ES Cell Transfection
La’Akea Siverts, BS
ES Cell Injection, Pronuclear Injection
Ruby Mangalindan, DVM
Transgenic Breeding Colony Manager
Ashot Safarli, DVM
Transgenic Breeding Colony Management
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