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UW Medicine Plans South Lake Union Expansion

12 May

The UW School of Medicine operates biomedical research laboratories inside of the South Lake Union Campus located at 815 Mercer Street. Two buildings of four buildings that comprise the campus, Brotman and Rosen, house animals used for many experiments, from mice and rats, to pigs and dogs. Such “tests” include pumping propane gas into the lungs of mice for an erectile dysfunction study.

The UW has been cited numerous times for animal welfare violations, the most recent case having been a primate that starved to death at the Primate Research Facilty. Despite their deplorable treatment of animals and their consistent track record of violations, they have been given the green light to expand their SLU campus facilities. The National Institute of Health, a publicly-funded government institution, is the primary source of money given to a $516.3 million expansion that will nearly double the size of the campus.

Construction on one $166 million building is scheduled to start next year on land leased from the Vulcan Real Estate company. The university has until 2015 to decide whether to develop the other two buildings.