Protest UW Crimes Against Primates This Summer

14 Jun

Please join us as we, concerned citizens of Seattle and surrounding areas, protest against the University of Washington’s continued use and abuse of primates at their notorious Blue Building facility this summer.

From July 5th to Labor Day
every Thursday 5-7 pm
at the “Blue Building” at 3010 Western Ave
directly across from SAM Sculpture Park

Hidden inside this dark, unmarked, sunless building, 700 primates live and die for research, subjected to painful surgeries and traumatic procedures until their usefulness is over.  The Blue Building at 3010 Western Ave is the main facility for the UW National Primate Research Center, the largest of eight across  the country.   For almost 50 years, UW primates have endured injuries, abuse from incompetent staff, prolonged restraint, starvation, filthy cells, isolation, light deprivation, intense physical pain without medication, psychological intimidation, reproductive mutilation, numerous Animal Welfare violations, and repetitive experiments with no application to human health.

For further information please contact


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