Companies That Supply Animals to UW

17 Apr

If you are a “researcher” at the UW you can pretty much order any kind of animal you want to perform your “research” on – just put your order in and they will deliver you your “subject” like they were delivering a pizza. Of course the poor animal has no idea what is in store for him when he gets to the lab; perhaps gassing, burning, poisoning, stabbing, injecting with cancer and other horrible diseases, to name a few procedures. These animals will live horribly isolated and painful lives at the hands of students, PhD candidates and animal techs before they are murdered and disposed of as “biological waste.” These animals are delivered to the Health Sciences Building and the South Lake Union Building. The Animal Purchasing Office can be reached at 206-543-0640.

Here are the list of companies that make their money off the backs of suffering animals. This list is taken from the Department of Comparative Medicine’s website; while not viewable to the general public, it is accessible by any UW employee, student, or faculty. Perhaps you can contact these companies and let them know what you think of their practices, and in addition, you can put in a Better Business Bureau complaint about them for engaging in animal cruelty.

Boyd’s Bird Co Inc
Bird, delivery Wednesday

Charles D Sullivan Co Inc
Amphibian, delivery Tuesday/Wednesday

Charles River Laboratories
Gerbil, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Mouse, Rat, delivery Wednesday

Covance Research Products, Inc.
Dog, delivery Wednesday
269-375-0482 (MI) 804-492-4181 (VA)

Elm Hill Labs / Cady Ridge Farms
Hartley/Pigmented Guinea Pig, delivery Tuesday/Wednesday
“Quality Guinea Pigs” We have a cartoon slideshow!

Featherland Farms
Fertilized Eggs, Day Old Chicks, delivery Wednesday

Harlan Sprague Dawley
Hamster, Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, delivery Tuesday

Jackson Labs
Mouse, delivery Wednesday
Use our secure online order form!

JM Hazen Frog Co
Frog, delivery Tuesday/Wednesday

Magnolia Bird Farms
Bird, delivery Thursday
“If you are a pet bird owner who can no longer keep your bird, we would be interested in talking to you about purchasing it from you. We will find a new and loving home for your pet.” And what a loving home it’ll be!

Marshall BioResources
Dog, Ferret, Minipig, delivery Tuesday
We’ve got Beagles!

Frog, delivery Tuesday/Wednesday

Progressive Pig Farm
Pig, delivery Monday

Q-Bar Farm
Pig, delivery Mon/Tues/Wed

Rana Ranch Bullfrog Farm
Bullfrog, delivery Tuesday/Wednesday
We promise that our bullfrogs won’t escape!

R&R Rabbitry
Rabbit (Housed at HR&T or Pickup Only), delivery Wednesday
We offer recommendations on how much to inject!

Simonsen Labs
Mouse, Rat (Conventional Facilities Only), delivery Tuesday/Wednesday

Sinclair Research Center
Minipig, delivery Wednesday
“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

Taconic Farms
Mouse, Rat, delivery Wednesday
We can do custom breeding!

Western Oregon Rabbit Co
Rabbit, delivery Wednesday

WSU Swine Center
Pigs, delivery Monday
(phone number not listed)

Xenopus Express
Frog, delivery Wednesday
You can dump stuff on frogs’ eyes!

Xenopus I Inc
Frog, delivery Wednesday
“The Greatest Frog on Earth ™” Yes, we trademarked it!

Zebrafish International Resource Center
Zebrafish, delivery Tuesday/Wednesday


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